THRINTEL MARKET stands for Threat Intelligence Market. It is a decentralized threat intelligence database where people either sell or buy data. It uses a separate crypto currency based on Ethereum crypto currency blockchain to control things like incentivizing real contributions. The seperate currency allows control over fees hence network spammers, bad actors, bad data injectors, etc.
Powered by revolutionary block chain technology, the Thrintel Market offers full decentralization, immutability, ddos protection, anonymity, almost real-time updates across the world, availability, inventiveness, transparency, and community support. Read our medium blog for more.
The SECURE COIN is a coin used in the threat intelligence market to moderate financial transactions with full decentralization, zero fees, and more. It allows for transparency, anonymity, immutability and availability. It also allows the system designers to control spammers and network malicious actors although decentralized. The coin allows us to implement models that don't reward abuse of the network resources.
Pre ICO starts on March 12th.
Well in our pre ICO the Soft Cap of the project is 300 ETH, the Hard Capis 3000 ETH. We dont need more money to proceed to the ICO and the development as per the roadmap.
Maximum supply of SEC Coins is 9 billion SEC. All unrealised SEC coins will be reallocated to private sales.
The basic price of 1 SEC token is 0.03 USD (based on average ETH price february 2018).
The minimum investment amount is 0.1 ETH.
The Pre-Sale stage is scheduled to run from March 12th till March 18rd 2018, while the ICO is planned in July 2018.
Yes, KYC requirements will be applicable.
The Alpha is going to be released for testing and is opensource on github! This will be in December 2018.
ETH will be accepted during the SEC tokensale.
SEC coins will be listed on exchanges few weeks after the end of the ICO.
Email us at [email protected]