THRINTEL MARKET™ is a decentralized, anonymized, real-time, threat intelligence highly secured exchange, with feedback and community ratings.
It is powered by Block Chain technology.

What is SEC Coin?

The SECURE (SEC) Coin is the crypto-currency used on the Threat Intelligence Market (THRINTEL MARKET™). It allows anonymous, ultra secure, extremely fast, immutable, decentralized exchanges of big data to happen on the market seamlessly.

1 min - SUMMARY

The THRINTEL MARKET is a blockchain decentralized market, that allows software or hardware security solutions to autonomously report to each other new attacks they find in a swarm effort to deter cyber criminals and state sponsored APT groups by reporting their zero-day attacks, in almost real time. The market allows cyber crime victims to report on the attacks they suffered from anonymously, and help protect others from their attacker. The information on the blockchain will enable analysts and officials to track certain groups and generate insight, this is why the block chain plugs into most analysis software using the most common formats. The market also develops a security researchers community where researchers are incentivized to submit data leading to new and emerging threats. In an effort to become a market leader the blockchain will also partner with other threat pools available at the moment to decentralize and copy their data onto the blockchain on an on-going basis. Making the thrintel market the biggest supplier of threat intelligence data within few years. Since the market will be prone to lots of attacks engineering it is developing it will be challenging at best, hence why it is an opensource project. The team has created a special currency to take control over the financial model and disincentivize bad data and spam on the blockchain. The team is now selling this currency in a pre sale event at a really low price in order to raise enough funds to hire the talent needed to finish building this on time.

Decentralized Threat Intelligence Database

Fast, accessible, and effective, no matter where you are. Denial of Service proof. Advanced Persistent Threat Groups are known to DDOS OSINTs while attacking their targets so potential victims don't get any updates until the operation is done.

Immutable Threat Intelligence Database

Nobody can alter the data once its pushed. Advanced Persistent Threat Groups are known to hack OSINTs and remove data reporting their tools, tactics, or assets. They won't be able to do it against the THRINTEL MARKET™.

FAST Blockchain

Near Realtime Updates, which include new artifacts, and feedbacks on submitted artifcats.Zero fees to trade data on the platform. OPENSOURCE.

Anonymous Accounts

You are a bank getting attacked. You want to share data about the hackers attacking you so that everybody watches out for them, you fear bad PR. You share data anonymously on the THRINTEL MARKET™.

Verified Accounts

You are a Security Business, your researchers found zero day and accurate data on some hackers targeting a certain country, you publish them on the THRINTEL MARKET™ and now you rank really high in top providers of data specific to this country. If you have anti-virus or security solutions you start seeing better sales, since customers now see you ranking really high in their country or business sector. This make sure the customers see beyond security business ad campaigns and into their actual results and how they compare to each other when it comes to detecting new threat actors.

Firewalls & Anti-viruses are money/data creators

Once they are plugged in to the THRINTEL MARKET™, your devices are able to convert basic threat signatures to identifiers leading to threat actors, these are converted to artifacts (Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and URLs (Domain Names)), with meta data (time, country, business sector). When these contributions are found useful by other users on the market your devices make money, which they can be set to automatically spend on new signatures themselves.

Ethereum (ERC-20 Token)
Start of token sale:
12 March
Soft cap:
100 ETH
Hard cap:
200 ETH
Tokens offered in PreICO:
6 000 000 SEC
Total Tokens issued:
2 000 000 000 SEC
1 ETH = 30 000 SEC
Payment method:
Minimum contribution:
0.1 ETH
Token Holders Benefits:
Ongoing Lasting Demand

Only token holders will be able to trade on the THRINTEL MARKET™. This ensures an increasing demand on SEC tokens, hence driving its value up.

Up to 37.5% Bonus Rates

Buyers get more for their ETH now, than ever.

Weekly Air Drops

Our team would be airdropping various amounts of SEC tokens, proportional to your balance, to random wallets, on weekly basis, until the end of our full ICO (scheduled in Q3 2018).

Token Sale Bonus
Distribution of
raised funds
THRINTEL MARKET™ Development - 67%

67% of the funds generated are to go directly to acquiring top talent and developing the open source project, that shall make threat intelligence sharing efficient again. We will add the talents to our team of already highly skilled engineers to make sure we are moving fast and developing a resilient infrastructure. This will finally make use of the block chain technology for something other than currencies.

Marketing, PR, Outreach - 16%

16% of the funds collected will be spent on various outreach missions, as well as some marketing and branding to make sure the platform is expanding and reaching more users everyday. Expenses to incentivize Governments, Big Security Firms,and Big Threat Pools to start using the platform are to be included in the category.

Business Operations- 9%

9% of the funds are to be allocated for business process development, partnerships, financing, and management operations.

Compliance - 8%

8% of the funds are to be allocated to the business operations, Legal, Regulatory & Compliance expenditures for instance are to be included in this category.

Meet our Team
Ezzeldin Tahoun
Cyber Security Researcher & Military Intelligence Officer

Ezzeldin Tahoun is a serial entrepreneur. He founded a number of companies in North America and the Middle East. Ezzeldin is also a security & privacy advocate. He was the youngest certified ethical hacker, titled when he was 14 by the ec council. Ezzeldin won multiple awards in Yale University, Princeton University, and NorthWestern University for his innovations. He is also alumni of Harvard University, McMaster University, the American University in Cairo, and Athabasca University, where he finished degrees in entrepreneurship, computer engineering, and cyber security. He serves as the CEO on the THRINTEL MARKET ™ Project.

Eric Madan
Threat Intelligence & Strategy Consultant, Accenture

Eric has long been a certified information privacy technologist. Because of his work in canadian governmental threat intelligence he is a full security consultant who been on both ends of an attack. He is also an alumni of the well known Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Toronto where he finished degrees on applied cyber security, digital communications and enterprise management. He is a privacy advocate and is a contributor to a number of privacy and cryptography projects. He serves as co-Director System Development, with Abhinab Chakraborty, on the THRINTEL MARKET ™ Project.

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